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Kayaking Guatemala

Some of the most incredible flat water kayaking adventures can be found here in Guatemala. Whether paddling through rich rainforests along the Rio Dulce to the Carribean coast, or Sea Kayaking through intricate mazes of mangroves near the Pacific coast surrounded by birdlife, or kayaking on the grandeur waters of a volcano encircled mile high lake you will enjoy dipping your paddle in the beautiful waters of Guatemala

Kayaking GuatemalaKayaking Monterico


A 2 day paddling adventure through the undeveloped mangroves of Guate's Pacific coast. We will explore the mangrove mazes of the Hawaii-Monterrico Biotopo, reknown for its natural beauty, tranquility and abundance of water fowl and other exotic creatures that make the mangroves their homes. The flat lowlands of the Pacific coast boast impresive views of the majestic volcanoes of the western highlands.

After a day's paddle we arrive at the sleepy beach community of Monterrico, a unique and tropical black sand beach. Spend the rest of the day taking in some sun or riding the huge Pacific waves before our beach side hotel serves up great sea food and plenty of cool drinks to fight off the heat.

Kayaking guatemalaThe next day tour the turtle reserve where sea turtles are bred for release back to the ocean. If you time it right you can sponsor your own turtle and participate in the "liberacion" or weekly turtle release race. A bit of a paddle back to the mainland ends this 2 day all inclusive tour to Guatemala's unknown and undiscovered Pacific coast.

1 day $83, 2 day $165 ($165 w/ Private Beach House)



Includes: Private transfers, private boat, specialized guide (English), all entrances and taxes.

Price per Person: US $ 115
Minimum of passengers: 2 (groups of 4 or more persons special prices)

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Panajachel Tours


Lake Atitlan One Day

One day Panajachel and Chichicastenango Tour
Price: US$ 160 Per Person

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Antigua Tour


Colonial Jewel Antigua
1 Day

Come discover the timeless colonial city of Antigua Guatemala, nestled in a valley surrounded by the peaks of three towering volcanoes.

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Tikal Hotels


Hotel Camino Real Tikal

Single: US$ 116
Double: US$ 116

Peten Esplendido

Single: US$ 91
Double: US$ 99

Hotel Jungle Lodge

Single: US$ 72
Double: US$ 89

Hotel del Patio

ingle: US$ 66
Double: US$ 66

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Antigua Hotels


Hotel Casa Santo Domingo

Single: US$ 145
Double: US$ 145

Porta Hotel Antigua

Single: US$ 123
Double: US$ 132

Candelaria Antigua Hotel

Single: US$ 82
Double: US$ 97

Posada de Don Rodrigo

Single: US$ 77
Double: US$ 85

Uxlabil Antigua Hotel Museo

Single: US$ 60
Double: US$ 66

Palacio Dona Beatriz

Single: US$ 95
Double: US$ 108

Hotel Casa Azul

Single: US$ 88
Double: US$ 88

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Panajachel Hotels


Hotel Atitlan

Single: US$ 115
Double: US$ 120

Posada los Encuentros

Single: US$ 34
Double: US$ 48

Hotel Cacique Inn

Single: US$ 50
Double: US$ 60

Hotel San Buenaventura de Atitlan

Single: US$ 115
Double: US$ 115

Hotel Dos Mundos

Single: US$ 50
Double: US$ 60

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Tikal Tours


Tila Tours - One day Tour TikalTikal Tour 1 day

Discover the heart of the Maya World just 30 minutes away from Guatemala City by plane!
Price: US$ 295 Per Person

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Tikal Guatemala - Tikal Tours

2 Day Tour Tikal

Tikal was abruptly and mysteriously abandoned over 1000 years ago and disappeared over the centuries into the lush jungle
Price: US$ 435 Per Person.

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3 Day Tour Tikal, Yaxha and Flores
Explore the unusual archaeological ruins of Topoxte. Visit tikan and Flores.
Price: Please check prices with us

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3 Day Tour Tikal, Uaxactun and Lake Peten Itza
Wander through the ruins of temples and observatory of Group E, constructed to mark the points where the sun rose on the summer and winter solstices.
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3 Day Tour Tikal, Ceibal and Lake Peten Itza
Explore ancient Ceibal, “The Place of the Ceiba Tree”– a small but beautiful site near the banks of La Pasion River
Price: Please check prices with us.

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3 Day Tour Tikal, Lake Peten Itza and Canopy Adventure
Hidden by the dense jungle until the 19th century, Tikal remains one of the most breathtaking archaeological sites of the Maya World.
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